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Knit Red

Jimmy Beans Wool is proud to present Knit Red, an instant classic and must-have coffee table knitting treasure for every knitter. This book contains 30 fabulously red garments and accessories designed and donated by celebrity designers who openly share their personal experiences with heart disease and tips on how they stay heart healthy! The book also includes heart disease prevention tips from our partners at The Heart Truth®, including healthy recipes, exercise tips and more.

Knit Red is now available at!

Check out the list of designers featured in the book below and take a peek inside the book here.


Debbie Bliss is one of the foremost designers and authors of hand knitting patterns in both the UK and US, Debbie's remarkable talent for design covers the breadth of adults to children.

Nicky Epstein is known for her progressive and unique designs. She is the author of a number of inspiring knitting and crochet books and designer of her own line of knitting products.

Jared Flood is a Brooklyn-based knitwear designer and photographer. His latest adventure has been designing an artisanal line of American Wool yarn called Shelter.

Kieran Foley is the creative genius behind Knit/Lab. His experimental designs are often inspired by natural patterns and traditional textiles.

Norah Gaughan is currently the design director at Berroco. Norah is also known for her amazing pattern booklets and fun geometric designs.

Jeanne Giles is a Nevada native formerly of 2 Askew Designs and now designing under Battle Born Knits. She is a world traveler, lover of mischief and recent raw food enthusiast!

Tanis Gray resides in Washington DC. Former Yarn Editor for Soho Publishing, she now teaches knitting workshops and designing for major yarn companies.

Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton started her career in New York during the early 80’s designing for the better knitting magazines and a private clientele. After her move to Sweden her artistic creativity evolved even further, leading her to eventual creation of her own line of yarn, Heaven’s Hands.

Kim Hargreaves is a multi-talented knitwear designer. Kim managed the Rowan brand for 20 years, creating hundreds of individual designs, master-minding the fashion stories for the magazines and styling the photographs that inspired so many to knit.

Sarah Hatton, after gaining a degree in fashion, entered the world of professional hand knitting where she has worked for over 10 years with famous brands that include Rowan, Patons, Sirdar and Sublime.

Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmrich is an avid knitter, knitwear designer, knitting shop employee, doggie-mom, organic food grower, and recent chicken owner! She currently is designing under Marinade Designs.

Kit Hutchin is a co-owner of Churchmouse Yarns and Teas based a short ferry ride from Seattle. Kit manages a spectacular Local Yarn Store and heads up the genius design team responsible for all of the breathtaking Churchmouse patterns.

Lindsey Jacobellis is a pro snowboarder, Olympic silver medalist, knitter and knitwear designer, among many other things. A few years ago she started a Hats 4 Hounds program in which she knits and sells hats with the proceeds benefiting the ASPCA.

Daniela Johannsenova is based in Cologne, Germany. Daniela is an indie designer and has managed her own yarn shop, Maschenkunst, since 2006.

Andrea Jurgrau is the designer behind Bad Cat Designs, which are unique but also classically elegant. Andrea is based in New York and prides herself on her meticulous instructions.

Barry Klein is the owner of Trendsetter Yarns and one of the biggest sensations in the knitting industry. Barry has been named one of the top 10 most influential men in the world of knitting.

Maie Landra is the co-founder of Koigu Yarns. She designs beautiful, one of a kind garments that exude a whirlwind of colors.

Cecily G. MacDonald is from the cool coastal state of Maine. She continues to make us swoon and aww with each of her precious and timeless designs.

Deborah Newton has been a knitwear designer in Providence RI for almost 30 years.  She has been called the “Julia Child” of knitting for her remarkable ability to turn complex ideas into simple steps for all of us.

Ann Norling has been a yarn sales representative in Northern California and Northern Nevada for many years, while simultaneously creating simple yet classic garment and accessory designs.

Deborah Norville is a well-known veteran journalist. Deborah has been anchor of Inside Edition since March 1995. In 2009, Deborah shared her lifelong love of fiber arts with The Deborah Norville Collection, a line of fine yarns for hand knitting and crocheting, along with her companion book, Knit With Deborah Norville.

Melissa Morgan Oakes is famous for ending the drudgery of the second sock by showing knitters how to cast on and knit two socks at one time on one long circular needle! She can often be found teaching classes at a variety of Local Yarn Stores around the country.

Michele Orne is a partner and knit design director for Swans Island. She is excited to be developing a line of all-natural hand dyed yarns and timeless patterns inspired by classic favorites and daily life along the coast of Maine.

Iris Schreier is one of the founders of Artyarns as well as a published designer. The luxurious hand-painted fibers featured in her unique patterns and designs are developed by Iris and are available through her company Artyarns.

Diane Soucy is based in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She is the mother of Knitting Pure and Simple and continues to create simple and beautiful hand knit clothing and accessory patterns.

Debbie Stoller is a New York Times best-selling American author, publisher and feminist pundit who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Debbie is also the co-founder, co-owner, and editor-in-chief of BUST magazine. She authored the Stitch 'N Bitch series and recently launched her own yarn line, Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller.

Martin Storey designs the Classic range of brochures, which includes knitwear for men, women, children and babies, as well as accessories and homewares. 

Amy Swenson is the knitting and crochet designer behind Indigirl. Her flattering garment designs are characterized by seamless and unique construction methods.

Ysolda Teague is the young indie Scottish sweetheart. Ysolda has published popular designs in Twist Collective and Knitty. She enjoys sharing her design process, inspiration, adventures and the occasional recipe.

Barbara Venishnick was a life-long knitter and a well respected pattern designer for a number of knitting publications before she passed away in 2005 from a heart attack. One of her most popular designs has been included in Knit Red to honor her many contributions to the knitting world.

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